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Quinoa Grain - Chenopodium Quinoa

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Quinoa Grain - Chenopodium Quinoa

Distribuidor: INCA Health

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Quinoa Grain - Chenopodium Quinoa

Distribuidor: INCA Health
Quinoa Grain - Chenopodium Quinoa
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  • Preparación: Inmediata
  • Área Venta: Europa, Asia, America
  • Origen Producto: Peru

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Europa, Asia, America
Producto Ecológico:
INCA HEALTH proudly introduces our Quinoa Grain. The botanical name of our Quinoa is Chenopodium Quinoa. The real Mother Grain of our Peruvian Andes, is naturally grown on small family plots at over 12,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. These grains were the staple food of Inca Empire and it is known that quinoa initiated cultivation as far as more than 5,000 years ago in our Andean Mountains.
Why to try Quinoa? There are at least 5 good reasons:
1. Quinoa is Good source of protein
2. Quinoa is Loaded with minerals and vitamins
3. Quinoa is Ideal for vegetarian and diabetic people
4. Quinoa is Gluten Free
5. Quinoa is easy to cook
The Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) of the United Nations rated the nutritional quality of quinoas protein similar to casein (milk protein). It is a healthy whole grain. Quinoa Grain is the best option for raw grain cooking, as soups, side dishes accompanying fish, meat or poultry, hot and cold salads and its quantity increases after cooking the grains. Our Inca Quinoa cooks in just 12 minutes!

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